Saffron Milk Cap
(Lactarius Deliciosus)
Blutreizker - Agarico Delizioso


Provenance : France, Spain.

Season : From August to November.

Habitat : Grows in grassy areas under conifers and especially pinewoods.

Savour : Characteristic, slightly peppery.

Cooking tips :

The Safron Milkcap is one of ther most prized mushrooms in « Provençale » and Spanish cuisine.

It is prepared fried in olive oil, grilled on the barbecue and keeps in oil or vinegar.

NB : The Safron Milkcap’s flesh secretes an orange latex which greens naturally in contact with air.





Quality A++ or A+

Raw or blanched



Finely sliced


Punnets 125 and 250g

Packets 300 and 450g


Packets 1, 2 and 3kg

1 and 2.5kg



Plastic bags 5 and 10kg


4 days at +2 to 5°C

18 months at -18°C