Our new product :

The security box







  • Parcels in controlled atmosphere
  • Cardboard parcel, with one water-resistant sealed section or two detachable ones,
  • Closed by a secutity clingwrap,
  • Extension of conservation.


  • The shelf life of the mushroom, stored in film between +2°C +8°C, is extended from 3 days to 12 days from the day of receipt, without alteration of color, of flavor or appearance.

  • Weight loss is almost zero over a week in closed film (<2%), stored under the recommended conditions.

  • The two sections allow to pack one or two varieties in the same package or to keep a closed compartment in order to preserve the quality of the mushroom during the use of the open one.


  • After opening the film, the fungus returns to its traditional characteristics
  • This package is used for fresh mushrooms shipped according the traditional method of preparation = THE SECURITY BOX
  • And for mushrooms shipped completely cleaned ready for cooking : LES CHAMPIGNONS NETS.



  • Parcel of 1 kg, 1,5 kg, 2 x 500 gr and 2 x 750 gr.
  • Dimensions of parcel : 400 mm  x 300 mm x 70mm, brutto weight 0,300 kg
  • Palettization : 800 x 1200 mm = shelf of 8 parcels, height of 20 parcels = 160 parcels of 1 kg net (1,3 brutto weight) or of 1,5 kg netto weight (1,8 brutto weight).

Product characteristics

  • Cardboard/ food plastic sealed by thermoforming.
  • Product 100 % mushrooms.